Dr. Atkins' Recent Death
Could Provide
Final Proof That His
Diet Plan Was
Not So Healthy After All
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Posted: Sunday, April 22, 2003 at 1:04 AM PST

For decades Dr. Atkins had promoted a diet that defied common sense. Nevertheless, millions of people believed in his bizarre diet practice, and he was referred to as a diet guru. Ironically, his death could now provide proof of just how dangerous that diet really is in promoting heart disease.

Dr. Atkins was operated on by surgeons to remove a blood clot to relieve pressure in his brain, on April 9, 2003, after slipping on an icy sidewalk outside his New York office. It is interesting to note that blood clots from injuries and operations are common with people who have excessively high cholesterol. It is one of the reasons that doctors check their patients blood before an operation. Determining a safe level of cholesterol prior to an operation is critical in preventing potential blood clots and predicting the possible success of an operation. The fact that Dr. Atkins developed a blood clot from his injury is evidence that he could have been suffering from extremely high cholesterol.

There was even more evidence to show he had unusually high cholesterol. As recently as April 2002, Dr. Atkins was hospitalized after going into cardiac arrest. He still refused to believe that this heart problem had anything to do with his diet when he stated, "...in no way related to diet."

Is it possible that he slipped on the icy sidewalk and hit his head due to another heart attack? Using your hands to protect yourself in a fall such as slipping when walking is practically an involuntary process unless you have lost consciousness before the fall.

We may never know the answer to the final chapter in Dr. Atkins' death unless the results of his autopsy are released revealing the condition of his arteries. However, we do know one thing. Millions of people still believe that Dr. Atkins' bizarre low fiber, high animal fat diet is going to save their life.



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